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HETALIA Pairing Children ADOPTS ((OPEN 6/8)) by AnimeBoyCrazy4
HETALIA Pairing Children ADOPTS ((OPEN 6/8))
Thanks to the wonderful idea of a DA friend, I decided to make some Hetalia Pairing Children Adopts! 

Each Child is being sold for 50 points, because they're all specially made. Each different, and it took a lot of time to do.
Now also, keep in mind that our pairing ideas may/will differ. I respect that. So please do respect me.

1 You can have up to two. That's it. Leave some for other people.
2 Let me know what ones you want, then pay me the points on my donation pool on my page. Then they're yours.
3 I can reserve them if you don't have enough points at the moment, but I can only hold them for a month.
4 Don't claim the art as your own. Credit me for the drawing please.
5 Use the character please.
6 You may make some changes to a character that you buy, but please keep some things the same.
7 If you say you want a character, and you have the points for it right away, pay right away. Don't say you want the character, and then not pay for it.
8 Do NOT resell.

All are 50 points!

#1: Italy x Germany Owned by :iconcrazypopcornlover:

#2: Sweden x Finland ((OPEN))

#3: Russia x Canada ((OPEN))  {NOTE: I love this one, so I may keep her, or may up her price...}

#4: Prussia x Hungary Owned by :iconcrazypopcornlover:

#5: Greece x Japan ((OPEN))

#6: France x England ((OPEN))

#7: Romano x Spain ((OPEN))

#8: Austria x Switzerland ((OPEN))
Sexy Sexy Karma by AnimeBoyCrazy4
Sexy Sexy Karma
The other half of :iconcrazypopcornlover: 's  commission.
This is her girl, Karma, with a sexy face, teasing us all like; "NO NO NO, NO LOOKS FOR YOOOOU".

Anyway, hope you like it~!
Happy Halloween for Crazypocornlover by AnimeBoyCrazy4
Happy Halloween for Crazypocornlover
I drew a bunch of :iconcrazypopcornlover: 's characters in Halloween costumes! Part of a commission. Oh, plus, Lambada from BoBoBo is kinda peacin' out there too. ^^
Anyway, hope you like it~!!


AnimeBoyCrazy4 has started a donation pool!
1,479 / 1,000
A donation pool for simple donations, or for the purchases of adoptables.

You must be logged in to donate.
((I will get to the ADOPTS and Old Character Auction at the bottom of the journal.))

Well, I feel like a tool. :iconsweatplz:
September has come and passed, and nobody entered my contest, so I do feel like a fool for even trying, because I had a feeling this would happen... Ah well. I got some nice birthday wished in reality from my friends and family, so, you know, it's alright I suppose.

Besides that, I have SO many things to do... Well, draw, I suppose. But with school and my social life (I HAVE ONE NOOOOOW!!) I'm sorta, very much behind on things. So, a very BIG apology to those who requested a request back in the summer and haven't gotten it yet. IT IS COMING. But it may take awhile, I don't know. It will show up because I ALWAYS DO a request, no matter how long it takes. 
Some I still have left to do...
1 :icontenshi-manju: CHARACTER ART ((WORK-IN-PROGRESS))

2 :iconiamversatility: OC ART ((WORK-IN-PROGRESS))

3 :iconratchet-halo: OC X CHARACTER ((WORK-IN-PROGRESS))

4 :iconitalia234: OC X CHARACTER ((WORK-IN-PROGRESS))

So, I'm working on these, and I hope to have them finished soon. Just thought I'd update so you guys don't panic. 

Meanwhile, I am still accepting Requests and Art Trades. So keep 'em coming. Just be aware that they may be awhile, and I will NOT do things that seem to bizarre... Like extreme obesity, ponies, comic strips. Stuff like that.

Besides that, I have a list of ADOPTS I would like to do, and I have a general idea of what three batches are coming out next.
1: Hetalia Pairing Children ((OUT))
HETALIA Pairing Children ADOPTS ((OPEN 8/8))

3: POKÉMON People ((NOT OUT))

Other Ideas ((Opinions Appreciated~!!))
-Robo/Android Girls
-Bird Girls
-Mythical Creatures
-Dessert Girls

I've decided to start selling characters that I've drawn in the past. I'm not sure how to do this exactly, but I'll start by putting some links to old characters, and if anyone likes any of them, give me an offer on them. Once accepted, I'll redraw them, giving them their own character sheet, and they're yours. I'll also repost old art too, like, old pictures reposted so you can see them better... I dunno how this will work out, but maybe people will like some of these old designs? Maybe. They'll have better homes with owners rather than sitting in my folders and rotting.

Okay, so, currently, here are some characters I'm willing to give. **UPDATED OFTEN, CHECK BACK!**
((Remember! Once Adopted, I WILL REDRAW them for you, so it's a better picture! I accept Points, OC Art, and Trades.))

#1 #5 Hello Death... --100 Song Challange 

#2 Crazed Anroths ((3 SEPARATE Characters))

#3 Random people? ((3 SEPARATE Characters))

#4  Five Random girls and Shoji ((5 SEPARATE Characters))

#5 Redraw Characters ((4 SEPARATE Characters))

#6 Redraw Characters 2 ((4 SEPARATE Characters))

#7 Tribal Girl

#8 Dragon Child

#9 Random Girl #2

#10 Bunny Girl --Taokaka Style

#11 Mecha Sun-Dress Girl

#12 Two Little Girls --Ruffles and Octopus ((2 SEPARATE Characters))

#13 Lil`Mistress



Alright, let's see what happens. If there are any you see in my gallery that you like that is not listed, not me, and we'll talk. ^^

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  • Reading: Scarlet
  • Watching: Brutal Moose --BAD MILK
  • Playing: Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • Eating: French Fries and Chicken
  • Drinking: Milk


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I am a CANADIAN!!!! Hello people, I'm AnimeBoyCrazy4, or Shoji, and this, is:

Likes: Anime, drawing, manga, Bakura, video games, reading, music, Art Trade, Raditz, Alucard, pokemonz, trying new things and meeting new people!

Dislikes: Not able to draw, not able to watch anime, Justin Bieber, a lot of people in my school, people who try an tell me what I can and can't do, and people who try and tell me HOW TO DO MY ART!

Favourite style of art: Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to decide!! D:
Personal Quote: "There is no such thing as 'NORMAL'."

This is my little brother!!! :iconlegoepic:
He's new on DA, check him out when you have a chance!! 0w0

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